A Deep Feminine Heart

A Deep Feminine Heart is like a rose. She naturally blooms open toward her fullest expression in a safe and nourishing environment that honors her unique needs and sensitivities.

We cannot help but gravitate toward an open rose, in her soft power, unique beauty, and magnetic allure.

She naturally attracts bees, butterflies, and admirers alike from her God-given essence. She needn’t repress her soft power nor strive for any provision.

However, when a rose doesn't bloom, we begin to adjust the environment in which she grows, we don't try and fix the rose herself.

Maybe all she needs are other blooming roses around that support and celebrate her growth.

Olivia Michelle


want to see if you are in the right place?

Finding balance

Igniting The Feminine Principle Within For Balance and Wholeness.

Discover the Universal Laws and the feminine principles of creation.


What I Love & Offer

Natural Feminine Energy

Nourish your feminine energy with holistic & therapeutic, guided practices curated to enhance the flow of your natural, feminine energy + well-being.

Holistic Beauty

Reveal your organic, feminine radiance with intentional + holistic, self-care and beauty regimens.

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Clean & Cozy Shop

Explore safe & non-toxic options for living a clean, soft, and feminine lifestyle, free from the worry of added toxins & chemicals in your home.

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